Special Services


Carpet cleaning

The carpet service in our company can be done on a single order and in a range of periodical services, depending on the needs of you, your home and the office. We have professional equipment and dedicated cleaning agents for any type of stain or dirt. Even when You try to keep your rug and carpet in good condition and good look, it often happens that it's only the surface estimation. Dirt often accumulates deeper in the surface of the rug and carpet to causes bacteria and mites, which can lead to tinea and allergies. That is why we recommend periodical deep cleaning of the rug and carpet twice a year.


No matter if you need a comprehensive cleaning service, you can only order our laundry service with drying and ironing from door to door. The service is delivered within 24 hours after receiving your clothes from you. If you don't want to waste time on these activities or it's seams you may not know how to choose the right priority program for your textiles you can successfully outsource this service to us. We will make sure that your clothes and textiles will be always clean, fresh and ironed, ready for next put them on.


Floor polishing

As well in home, as well in office or in other places we often have there hard floors - wooden, stone or derivatives. You may not always have the right cleaning products or equipment which allow you to maintain for proper condition of surface. It also happens that over time, each surface runs out no matter which chemical you use, there is a need to polish there and chemically secure for another period of use. We specialize in maintaining and refreshing hard floors, if your floor needs a specialist, do not embarrass and make order in our company.

Windows cleaning

Every one of us knows how much energy and time it takes to clean the windows well, if you want to get rid of this summer-hard work, let entrust it to our cleaners this work. We have many years of experience in this service, our qualified team will take care of all requests quickly.



For home gardens we provide maintenance service of tidiness and good condition of the plants. Each garden is individually the same as the individual person you are and we exactly understand it and we are ready to help you in the good look of the garden. We have qualified staff and equipment for the effectiveness of your garden and the area around the house.