Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning

Regular cleaning

If you dream of entering an immaculate home without wasting your time or effort, the Manchester-Cleaners team are here to help. Thanks to regular cleaning we provide excellent cleaning results at an affordable price. Our dedicated cleaners are real professionals and we ensure that your home is turned into a spotless place. Systematically check the space, do the work without wasting time, to remove dirt, to dump, to vacuum, to mop and to clean areas that are never the subject of attention.

Deep cleaning services

Deep cleaning option is a comprehensive home cleaning from the top to the bottom. We recommend deep cleaning if there has been no professional cleaning service during the last three months or if you do not use regular cleaning. Deep cleaning covers all standard cleaning services, but with greater attention to areas that are not usually cleaned or hard to reach. Our deep cleansing is recommended during your first visit. Later our standard service will be more than necessary to keep your home in top shape.


Organization basics

Thanks to our organizational services, we help you grow your home, organize your entry and unpack, organize your home for greater efficiency, or simply help keep things in your day-to-day life. At Manchester-Cleaners, we believe your home organization must work with your personality and your personal needs. Our cleaners and specialists from the organization quickly assess your situation to provide you with strategies for your organization to perform well and effectively. We will help you step by step, working with you to develop personal solutions for your home.

Laundry service

By choosing a laundry service at our company, you will have laundry, drying and putting your clothes in place while we clean your home. You do not have to waste time on laundry! Our specialists take care of laundry. We will take care of the proper functioning of your washing machine and we will carefully use the chemicals, while maintaining the quality of clothing and textiles.


Green friendly cleaning

We have teams that perform 100% eco-cleaning. It is only need single order this service and we will allocate a suitable ecological cleaning service at no extra charge. Our intention is to promote and use effective, non-toxic, biodegradable and naturally available safe and low-impact processes that will make the home look shine and support our customers in achieving a simpler lifestyle that is richer and more environmentally friendly.

Move in/out cleaning

Our move in / out cleaning service is very accurate and is designed to prepare the home for a new tenant. Houses and flats can collect a lot of dust and moisture left by previous tenants. We clean and sanitize everywhere, where it is needed and we give you a stress free welcome in your new home. As you know, cleaning cabinets, wardrobes, walls and windows is labor-intensive and requires additional resources. But do not worry. We offer affordable prices for these services, so anyone can order them.